Experience Gotland together with your classmates

The island of Gotland is only 3 hours from the mainland. Going on a school trip to Gotland brings fun memories for life. The best way to experience f you want to spice up the school trip with fun activities, we have several to choose from. Accommodation is offered in multi-bed cottages or self-catering apartments and right outside the door there are nice green areas for activities. Finishing the evenings on the beach with bath and barbeque is an cozy experience.

School trip package

3 days / 2 nights in cottages or apartments equipped for self catering. Breakfast each morning and 2 dinners in the restaurant. Bike for 3 days incl. bicycle helmet and anti-theft protection. Bagage transport to / from the port. Price from 1,390 SEK per person *

Camp package

Same as in the School Trip package without meals. Price from 890 SEK/pers*

Price surcharge for the boat trip is added*


Day 1: On arrival in Visby, you walk 300 metres to Gotland’s bicycle rentals in the inner harbour where the class pick-up the bicycles. The bicycle rental staff take care of the luggage and transport it to the accommodation in Gustavsvik. When everyone has received their bike, the class goes on a 10-15 minute bike ride along the sea to Visby Gustavsvik. On arrival, the staff will hand out keys and show you the way to your accommodation. Once everyone has settled in, dinner is served in the restaurant.

Day 2: In the morning, you find the breakfast in the fridge of the accommodation. After breakfast, you can devote the day to the activities of your choice. We recommend you take a snack with you. In the evening, dinner is served in the restaurant.

Day 3: In the morning,  you find the breakfast is in the fridge of the accommodation. After breakfast, you clean your accommodation and then check out latest 11.00. The staff will transport your luggage to the bicycle rental. Then you cycle to Visby and returning the bicycles to Gotland’s bicycle rental. The luggage picks up in connection with the return of the rental bikes. The rest of the day is free for your own activities before you travel home with the afternoon ferry to Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn.

School trip activities

Mini train tour

Price from SEK 2600 / class.

Time: 30 min. Seats 54 pcs.
The tour starts from Visby harbor and takes about 25 minutes. From the speakers you listen to Gotland’s own star reporter Erik Larsson, who tells a little bit about Visby and its fantastic story. A nice way to see Visby and when you get home you can say with good conscience that you have actually been a bit cultural on your school trip.

Start: From agreed location in Visby

Stora Karlsö nature experience

Price from 210 SEK / pers, (min 20 pers).

For fewer participants possibly cost extra. Time: Full day. Bus transfer and boat trip round trip + guided tour.

Stora Karlsö is only half an hour’s boat ride from Klintehamn. The island offers an unforgettable nature experience, and there is a peaceful tranquility throughout the island. A day trip on Stora Karlsö means about 4.5 hours stay on the island. Knowledgeable guides will show you around and tell you about the island’s nature and history. A guided tour takes about 2.5 hours. During the tour you can see the island’s many thriving, beautiful and mythical places. After the tour, there is the opportunity to dine at the restaurant, swim, visit the museum or just take it easy and enjoy.
Distance: About 30 min bus ride from Gustavsvik and then 30 min boat trip from Klintehamn.

You can either book lunch in their restaurant or contact us and we will make you lunch package to go.

Bowling & Laser tag

Including pizza buffet. Price from 320 SEK / pers or taco buffet price from 340 SEK / pers.

Challenge the classmates on bowling and laser tag. Compete in teams or all against everyone. With sensor-fitted vests on the body and futuristic laser weapons in your hands, you chase each other through the dark hallways. There is no computer game in the world that can evoke this adrenaline rush. The playing field is a 460 sqm large and dark maze course illuminated only by UV light and with fluorescent Sci-fi motifs painted on the walls. The music also does its part to make the activity fun and exciting. Speed, dot safety and teamwork determine who wins! Afterwards you take for yourself the buffet that appeared including cold drink.

For those of you who are wondering about laser and possible risk of eye damage, our weapons are completely harmless as it is not a laser beam, the name despite, which is shot away without a completely harmless IR beam (the same technology as in a regular remote control).

Distance: About 7 km from Gustavsvik.

Lummelunda cave

Price from 110 SEK / pers.

Time: Guided tour about 1 hour.

A guide will take you down into the underground of the cave where slideshows, drop stones and walkways await. The tour takes about an hour. Take the opportunity to visit Northern Europe’s largest mill wheel. Bring your own lunch bag or eat at the café. Tip: bring an extra sweater to the cave!

Distance: About 9 km from Gustavsvik. (Bus transfer is not included in the price but can be ordered extra).

City competition

Price 350 SEK / pers (min. 15 persons)

For fewer participants possible cost extra. Time: 2 hours.

Each group gets an assignment with the help of an iPad to find a number of places in Visby’s inner city. At each location, the team must then solve one or more tasks together. You should also look for names of alleys, places and ruins. At start-up, the group is equipped with a backpack containing aids and some clarities to be solved. Collaboration, clarity, organization and image memory are qualities that are good to have in the group. The activity stimulates both body and brain and is based on collaboration. Remember to have snacks so that everyone can make it all the way.Distance: Start in Almedalen, about 4 km from Gustavsvik.


Price from SEK 280 / pers

Time: about 4 hours.
We gather in the café for review of safety and for everyone to get driver’s equipment. Everyone is allowed to drive twice each, each run is 10 minutes, i.e. 20 minutes total driving time. Everyone can drive, regardless of past experience.

Distance: About 5 km from Gustavsvik. (Bus transfer is not included in the price but can be ordered extra).

Summer and Waterland

Price from 320 SEK / pers (min 15 persons)

For fewer participants possibly cost extra. Incl. lunch price from 460 SEK / pers. Time: Full day (open 11 am-5pm). Price supplement for mini golf 85 SEK / pers.

At Kneippbyns Sommarland & Vattenland there is just as much to do! In addition, this is where the real Villa Villekulla is, the house from the movie recordings is today a museum. In Summerland there are lots of activities such as jumping castles, gocarts, canoes, pedal boats, roller coaster, small free fall, a flying boat and much, much more. At Vattenland there is a large selection of attractions. Do you dare to test the Bullet or Shark River water slides? Ellet our world-unique Half-pipe, which we dare to promise gives kittens in the stomach!

Distance: About 10 km from Gustavsvik.

Visby Tour

Price from SEK 1990 / class. (min 20 pers)

Time: 2 hours.
In the World Heritage City of Visby, people have lived for more than five thousand years and there is much to see and tell about its history. The tour starts from Donners place where a guide takes you on a walk through the city’s alleys and tells about the exciting medieval life and Visby’s history.

Distance: About 4 km from Gustavsvik.

Tors Gård – Adventure Park

Price from 170 SEK / person incl. lunch 270 kr / person (min. 20 pers.)

Time 2-3 hours. Here you will find something that fits everyone in the group / class:
Combine two activities with lunch. End the visit with a dip in the nearby limestone quarry.
Bumperball: Divide yourselves into teams and put on the huge inflatable balls. Play against each other – guaranteed to be sweaty and fun. Many laughs and crashes are promised.
Gladiator Fight: Different activities depending on weather. 3-in-a-row, cross-country skiing, vertical bungy jump etc.
5-fight: We charge with different branches where together you can fight and solve the different tasks. Backstapling, soccer darts, archery et

Distance: About 9 km from Gustavsvik.

Good to know

  • The school trip package is valid for up to 9th grade
  • Spring school trips 8/4-16/6.
  • Autumn school trips 19/8-22/9.
  • Accommodation in cottage or apartments with self-catering (bring bed linen and towel with you).
  • You must clean your accommodation before you leave. Cleaning is not included in the price
  • Package School trip  from 1,390 SEK/pers. / Camp trip from 890 SEK/pers.
  • Ferry trip not included. Contact Destination Gotland for reservation.
    Extra night school trip 590 SEK/pers. / camp trip 390 SEK/pers.

Subject for price change.

Good food

The chef’s choice that is packed in a flexible box that is perfect to take in the bicycle basket. Bread, butter, meal drink and fruit are included.

Subject to changes